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New PC and Peripheral Sales

Is your current computer not keeping up with your demands? Are you getting tired of constantly having to reboot to fix a problem only to have it come back each time? Why waste time waiting for your old pc and letting your computer run your life. Take back your life and get with the times. New Nobilis PC's are fully configurable and typically start at $575 and with an upgraded 3 year warranty you'll have peace of mind and local support just in case the unthinkable happens! We also offer affordable Notebook PC's as well as Business class servers and storage.

Nationwide Internet Service Provider - Leading the Industry in DSL and Dialup Internet Support & Service

Computing Plus has gone Nationwide. You can now get the same great service almost anywhere in the United States. Dialup is now $12.95 per month or $14.95 for 5x faster surfing with FastNet acceleration. Separate download is required. DSL plans are also available in most AT&T, Covad, and Verizon areas. Best of all, there is never a signup fee! Now you can get affordable Internet on any Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or Web TV virtually anywhere. See if you qualify for DSL today, or contact us at 232-2302 in Pittsburg.

Computing Plus Complete Video Security

Computing Plus offers complete custom tailored video surveillance packages for business and home users. All packages can be configured for remote live feeds and playback from anywhere you have internet access. Also available is the ability to encrypt the connection via SSL for a secure, authenticated connection as an added benefit through additional hardware. The security cameras available range from dome to bullet and even PTZ Tracking and many include build in night vision. A single system can be configured from as few as 1 or 2 feeds to as many as 32 per system and can be configured with storage solutions archiving feeds for months or even years. Contact us anytime by phone at 620-232-2302 or email for a custom quote.
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